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Meet EXO mini

The next big thing

Stunning 48 Megapixels

40 Minute Battery

6+ Miles Range

3-Way Obstacle Avoidance

Redefine Possible

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Professional in Your Pocket

Next Level Image Quality

Stunning 48 Megapixel Images

Mountain with Sea

Equipped with a
48MP HDR camera

EXO Mini Pro produces photographs with impeccable detail, rich color information, and wide dynamic range.

Beach side house
Desert with bikes
The new industry standard.

4K 200mbps Video

Unreal Video Quality

Shooting 4K UHD video at 200mbps, the video output from Mini Pro is packed full with color data and is balanced in exposure, providing you cinema-grade video capture.

1/1.3in CMOS Image Sensor

Exo Mini Exo Mini
Massive Sensor, Vibrant Image

Stunning 1/1.3in CMOS Sensor

The striking clarity, sharpness, and deep color in EXO Mini Pro’s shots come from the massive 1/1.3in CMOS imaging sensor. This incredibly advanced sensor brings out more light, dynamic range, and color than any of it’s predecessors.

Mind-Boggling Battery

40+ Minute Flight Time

As long of a flight time as any camera drone on Earth. Get air time of up to 40-45 minutes, per interchangeable battery.

Explore deeper than ever.

6+ Miles Transmission Range

View a 1080p live-feed and control the drone from up to 10KM or 5 miles away.  With Syncleas 3.0, we’ve upgraded the possibities of where a drone can explore in a single flight.

Obstacle Avoidance (+$80)

No More Smashing Into Trees.

Adjustable 3-way collision avoidance senses obstacles in your path and circumnavigates you out of harm’s way. (Add-on)

Automatic Quickshots

Meet Your New Personal Filmer.

Shoot dynamic video motions, completley hands free. Advanced Hubsan AI software effectively crafts beautiful shots, easily putting you in the center of the action.

HDR & f/1.85 - f/12 Aperture.

Perfect Exposure. Any Light.

Harsh Sunlight

Dune with cars

Golden Hour

Hot Air balloons in the sky

Low Light Dusk

City skyline at night

Flat Light

Desert with rock

Your perfect moments don’t need perfect light. With HDR, variable aperture, and f/1.85-f/12, you can shoot professionally exposed images, no matter the lighting conditions.

6X (Optical/Digital, 1080p)

See All The Details

6X Zoom

On Mini Pro, zoom up to 6X while retaining 1080p HD resolution. (3X on Standard)

The Dark Never Looked So Bright

Introducing Night Mode.

Aerial Hyperlapse

Built-in on EXO Mini Pro, night mode provides wide dynamic range and stunning image quality in ultra-low light conditions, powered by Sony Optics.

Capture stunning 4K timelapses from any perspective, in an array of gorgeous cinematic motions.

Smart Features

Artificial Intelligence Makes It Easy

Using either GPS or Activetrack 3.0, track moving subjects up to 25MPH & 200ft away. Choose to either follow directly or follow & circle simultaneously, keeping the subject centered the whole time.

EXO Mini will return to you automatically at low battey, lost connection, or at the tap of a button. Choose to either return to the takeoff point, current location, or land in place.

Design pre-set flight paths to fly and capture your desired route with perfect accuracy. Place GPS pins, set key metrics such as angle, height, and speed, then use interval shooting or video to capture it.

Raw Drone Power

Power Through Fierce Elements.

Bolting at 35+ MPH, Sport Mode gives you full throttle for action shots or tough wind conditions.

Flying at 20 MPH, Normal Mode is a natural speed for your daily drone adventures.

Cruising at 12 MPH, Film Mode is the perfect speed to dial in the perfect shot.

Fly with Level 5 wind resistance, (20 MPH+), allowing you to charge through any conditions. Simply tap ‘Wind Resist’ mode on for an extra boost of stability power.


Easy Set Up, Easier Controls

Never touched a drone? No problem! Mini’s setup & controls are designed to be mastered by anybody, with any experience level. Being <250g, it’s also 100% legally compliant meaning no drone registrations required.

Smartest of its class.

A Full Experience

USA Data Security

Drone & app data encrypted and stored by EXO's HQ in Utah.

So many benefits.All free.

Carry case

Free 1 year EXO Premium membership

Extra propellers, joysticks, & sticker pack

Lifetime tech support

Incredibly Advanced, Impossibly Small.

EXO Mini Series